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Wedding Websites
Designed Specifically for Your Special Day

Planning a wedding can quickly become a burden. A feature rich wedding website can help alleviate the stress that comes with getting prepared for a hallmark event such as a wedding. We at Gregory Em Graphics & Design have partnered with The Olde Stone Porch to provide wedding websites that are designed to minimize your stress so you can enjoy your special day that much more.  Listed below are some of the features of our websites. and to make things even easier, we able to provide wedding invitations using the same custom fonts, colors, and textures implemented in your site design.  We have a wide array of special features that can be added that will make your electronic invitations truly unique at a fraction of what they would typically cost

The Essential Pkg.

  • An optimized mobile version of your website

  • Hero Section (Landing Page customized to the event)

  • V "About the Event Section

  • Portfolio / Photo Gallery - small in size

  • RSVP Guest Registration System w/ built in email Invites.

  • Online Seating Chart so you can visualize the reception's layout.

  • Included is the your gift registry wish list (public or restricted) with links to the items , services, or locations

  • Transportation Information

  • Lodging Information highlighting areas where your guests can stay comfortably .

The Ultimate Pkg. also includes

  • Colors of the Wedding

  • Special Instructions

  • Contact Us Section

  • Communications Platform for planning & organizing the event

  • Communicate with your bridal party, officiant, vendors, guests and us all in one location. No more chasing down text messages and sporadic emails.

  • Use your Event Calendar to outline your wedding day schedule while keeping everyone in the loop.

  • Use your Planning Calendar for keeping your pre-wedding preparations organized

  • Pick out Custom Fonts so it has the look you want

  • Premium Design Elements

  • Ability to incorporate additional functionality and features

  • Ask for details.

Digital Invitations AVAILABLE

wedding site-11.png

Digital & Printed Invitations AVAILABLE

Image 1-28-23 at 12.25 PM.jpeg

Digital & Printed Invitations AVAILABLE


Digital & Printed Invitations AVAILABLE

Digital & Printed Invitations AVAILABLE

wedding site-11.png
wedding site-12.png
wedding site-14.png
wedding site-13_edited.png
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